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  • According to Prof. L.R. Lonnor, tabulation involves the orderly and systematic presentation of numerical data in a form designed to evaluate the problem under consideration.
    2017-07-16 12:03:21
  • Classification Used in Tabulation are (i) Qualitative; (ii) Quantitative; (iii) Temporal (iv) Spatial.
    2017-07-16 12:02:40
  • Types of Table are (i) Simple Table Data; (ii) Double Table Data; (iii) Three Way Table; (iv) Manifold Table.
    2017-07-16 12:01:55
  • Parts of Table are (a) Title of the table; (b) Table Number; (c) Captions; (d) Stubs; (e) Body of the Table; (f) Head Note; (g) Source (h) Foot Note.
    2017-07-16 11:59:48
  • Textual or Descriptive Presentation refes to the data which are part of the text of study or a part of the description of the subject matter of study.
    2017-07-16 11:58:04
  • Presentation of Data means exhibition of the data in such a clear and attractive manner that these are easily understood and anlysed. Forms are (i) Textual of Descriptive; (ii) Presentation Tabular Presentation; (iii) Diagrammatic Presentation.
    2017-07-16 11:56:33

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