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  • Presentation of Data means exhibition of the data in such a clear and attractive manner that these are easily understood and anlysed. Forms are (i) Textual of Descriptive; (ii) Presentation Tabular Presentation; (iii) Diagrammatic Presentation
    2018-02-13 13:52:33
  • Textual or Descriptive Presentation refes to the data which are part of the text of study or a part of the description of the subject matter of study
    2018-02-13 13:51:53
  • According to Prof. L.R. Lonnor, tabulation involves the orderly and systematic presentation of numerical data in a form designed to evaluate the problem under consideration
    2018-02-13 13:51:31
  • Classification Used in Tabulation are (i) Qualitative; (ii) Quantitative; (iii) Temporal; (iv) Spatial
    2018-02-13 13:51:05
  • Types of Table are (i) Simple Table Data; (ii) Double Table Data; (iii) Three Way Table; (iv) Manifold Table
    2018-02-13 13:50:24
  • Parts of Table are (a) Title of the table; (b) Table Number; (c) Captions; (d) Stubs; (e) Body of the Table; (f) Head Note; (g) Source (h) Foot Note
    2018-02-13 13:49:50
  • Diagrammatic Presentation of Data are presented diagrammatically, it is called diagrammatic presentation of data. Diagrams may be less accurate but are much more effective than tables in presenting the data
    2018-02-13 13:48:54
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