Indian Economy of Eve of Independence

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Questions Bank -

Ans. It refer to the sector which includes trade and commerce, transport, storage, communication, trade, financing.

Ans. It means producing crops for the market rather than for self consumption.

Ans. It refers to the distribution of working population across all the sectors of the nation.

Ans. It refers the production of crops for self consumption rather than for marketing.

Ans. Infant mortality rate is the death rate of children below the age of one year.

Ans. The term life expectancy means average life of a person.

Ans. The adverse effect of partition was transferring/going the sizeable portion of the highly irrigated and fertile land to Pakistan.

Ans. The economists who estimated India's per capita income during the colonial period was
(i) V.K.R.V. Rao,
(ii) Dada BhaiNaoroji,
(iii) Findlay,
(iv) William Digby.

Ans. The main intention was to reduce the status of India from mere exporter of raw materials to the upcoming modern industries in Britain and making India a ready market for the finished products.

Ans. The purpose of the Britisher colonial rule was to reduce it into a feeder economy and open an own rapidly expanding industrial base.

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