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  • Production Activity refers to all those activities which are undertaken to produce goods and services for generation of income.
    Economic Activity refers to the activity performed by people to earn the living. The main three types of economic activities are consumption, production and distribution
    2018-02-13 15:27:40
  • Unemployment is a situation where a person is ready and willing to work at the prevailing wage-rate but doesn't get work.
    Unemployment Rate, is calculated as percentage of labour force who are uenmployed, not as a percentage of total population
    2018-02-13 15:27:08
  • Causes of Unemployment are (i) Slow Rate of Economic Growth; (ii) Underdeveloped Agriculture; (iii) Slow Growth of industry; (iv) Faulty Planning; (v) Low Capital Formation; (vi) Population Explosion
    2018-02-13 15:26:36
  • Informalisation refers to a situation when people tend to find employment more in informal sector of the economy, and less in formal sector of the economy
    2018-02-13 15:25:42
  • Labour Force refers to all persons, who are working (have a job) and those are not working but able to work and willing to work at the existing wage rate constitute labour force
    2018-02-13 15:25:19
  • Remedial Measures for Unemployment are (i) Accelerating growth rate of GDP; (ii) Development to Small Scale Enterprises; (iii) Special Employment Programmes; (iv) Control of Population Growth; (v) Encouragement in Infrastructure; (vi) Rapid industrialisation
    2018-02-13 15:24:57
  • Unorganised Sector workers  refer to the worker as farmers, agricultural labourers, owners of small enterprises, self-employed persons are treated as unorganised (informal) sector workers
    2018-02-13 15:24:05
  • Privileges Enjoyed by Organised Sector are (i) Better Wages and Salaries; (ii) Job Security; (iii) Reasonably Decent Working Condition; (iv) Enjoy maternity leave (female)
    2018-02-13 15:23:38
  • 2018-02-13 15:22:37

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