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  • According to Harold Koontz and Heniz Weihrich, communication is transfer of information from the sender to the receiver with the information being understood by the receiver
    2018-02-12 17:39:35
  • According to Fred Luthans, motivation is a process which begins with a physiological or psychological need or deficiency which triggers behaviour or a drive that is aimed at a goal or incentive.
    2018-02-12 17:39:19
  • According to Ghiselli Supervisory ability, achievement motivation, self-actualising, intelligence, self assurance, decisiveness.
    2018-02-12 17:38:55
  • According to Harold Koontz and Heinz Weihrich,  Leadership is the art or process of influencing people so that they will strive willingly and enthusiastically towards the achievement of group goals.
    2018-02-12 17:38:42
  • Directing is a complex managerial function includes supervision, motivation, communication and leading.
    2018-02-12 17:38:26
  • Importance of Supervision includes (a) Closely linked to overseeing the work;  (b) Guiding and ensuring that targets are met by workers and employees.
    2018-02-12 17:38:13
  • Qualities of a Good Leader (i) Courage, (ii) Will power, (iii) Judgement, (iv) Knowledge, (v) Integrity, (vi) Physical (vii) Energy, (viii) Faith, (ix) Moral Qualities, (x) Fairness, (xi) Vitality, (xii) Decisiveness.
    2018-02-12 17:37:47
  • Communication is a process by which people create and share information with one another in order to reach common understanding.
    2018-02-12 17:36:02

  • 2018-02-12 17:35:40

Questions Bank -

Ans. Directing refers to the process of guiding, counseling, motivating and leading in the organisation to process its objectives.

Ans. Supervision is the process of overseeing while they are at work.

Ans. Motivation means a process of stimulating people to action to a comprise desired goals.

Ans. Leadership is the process of the behavoiur of people of making them serve voluntarily towards achievement of organizational goals.

Ans. Communication refers to the transfer of reformations from the sender to the receiver understood by the receiver.

Ans. Motivation is called a complex process as it directly deals with human behaviour. The behaviour of individuals is heterogeneous in nature. Same type of motivation cannot be used for the purpose of motivating all the individuals.

Ans. Encoding means converting the massage in symbols such as pictures, gestures etc., whereas; Decoding means converting the encoded message into language and understanding the message.

Ans. Following are the main elements of directing;
(a) Supervision
(b) Motivation
(c) Leadership
(d) Communication

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